A photo, a day: Post No.1

peace msg

   Taking a photo everyday for a year- this seems to be a thing now. And I have to admit it is rather intriguing. I went online and read posts on why people were doing this and the reasons were fascinating- from having something like a photo journal, to capturing everyday mundane routines, to freezing moments in ones children’s lives to look back on when they go out to make a mark for themselves, to trying to hold a sunset forever in the photo album, so on and so forth:) And as we know, inspiration lies all around us, I too wanted to take the plunge! For an introvert and a somewhat lazy person, this can be a challenge and that is exactly what I hope to do – come out of my comfort zone and push my lazy butt around to capture moments from our daily lives to reminiscence when I am old and forgetful:( Everyone says that children grow up too fast and till I had a kid, I did not fully comprehend the truth of this. Time does FLY. And so, in my everyday chronicling, I will also be making an attempt to capture as many moments as possible of this beautiful boy of mine who is three and a half now and yet, whose first cries at the hospital still ring crystal clear in my ears:)

   I am not sure how to go about this post but I think instead of posting everyday, I will do a weekly one where I would, hopefully, have seven pictures to show! I was going through some of the pictures that I had taken over the past few months and noticed that I actually did take pictures everyday, without actively realizing that…what fun! In this first post towards that ambitious plan of mine of taking a picture everyday for a year, I thought of posting some from the past…just to get started.

   The above pictures were taken over a weekend towards the end of summer last year where we visited a nearby park and my little boy had a gala time playing soccer and ‘goaling’ in the big boy net! The picture at the top was also taken during this time: this very cool shed too with this wonderful message on top -“One Message:Peace”.  As I lay back on the grass and saw father son play, I remember thinking how tumultuous the world we live in  has become and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could practice empathy and listen, instead of our usual go- to route of judging at the earliest opportunity.

   This next set of images were taken over a period of 5 days during the holidays and it had snowed quite a bit. My son had also come down with pneumonia during that time and had to spend a significant amount of time indoors…bubbles sure kept him entertained! On my part, it was sheer joy watching him try to get the bubbles right and his reaction every time on getting it right was… priceless.

   I am glad I decided to look at some of the older photographs to see if I could find a continuity…I have a feeling I might actually like chronicling everyday moments! Looking at these did bring back some fond memories and I hope you too might give it a try (if you are not already way ahead of me!)

   These above ones are from today. In the first one where he is so focused on making the Katamino, I asked him (sort of interrupting his concentration) if I could help and he was very prompt with his reply “You can’t since you haven’t done this before.I can teach you if you want!” This kid is growing up fast and I sometimes pause to savor in the mushy mommy-son moments since they are getting fewer (it seems to me, though my good man denies any such thing!). I see him use reason and logic in his conversations and actions , and I can see how he is maturing, and while that makes my heart swell with pride (like all mommies’!), it also makes me want to coddle him more:)


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