A photo, a day : Post No.2

   I can’t believe I actually took one photo everyday for the past 5 days! It is much more challenging than what I thought it would be but I am glad I was able to stick to it for the first five days at least:)

  These are no spectacular shots, just regular stuff that depicts our daily lives and things that are around us. I tried to take photos of things that caught my eye while going about my daily chores around the house or while spending time with my son. It is interesting to note how mundane things can also tell a story, a story that is irrelevant to most of you who might be reading this but also something that some of you might be able to identify with- a little bit of ‘different’ in the middle of our periodic lives. Sometimes they help us reflect back on special moments in the recent past or simply catch us unawares and we pause to take in the beauty that is everywhere, we just need to look.

   These photos I took on day 2 and 3. The first one caught my eye all of a sudden one day since the shoes and that ball had been laying there for quite a while. The orange basket ball that you see was the first ball that we bought for our son when he was just a few months old…it is one of those very soft balls that make a jingle when they move. We all were quite fond of this! We used this to help him to crawl (at which we failed spectacularly!) and later resorted to just playing with. And I had a little moment all to myself when I saw that next to the three pairs of big boy shoes that he now wears:) It also reminded me of the store that we bought it from, Babies R Us…a store that, sadly, no longer exists. The second photo is that of ‘Happy’ the Gorilla, who we got from our visit to the Bronx Zoo this summer. I think my son’s favorite movie at the moment is ‘Sing’ (can you blame him!) and Johnny is his favorite among all the characters. So we had to get a ‘Johnny’ (who he named Happy after an elephant he saw at the zoo…I can never tell what’s going on in his mind!). I went to his playroom one evening to assess the mess and this sweet sight greeted me! I came out of the room, a happy mom!


   These are from the following three days. As we were returning from the playground in our neighborhood, this brilliant sunset was signalling the end of another gorgeous summer day. I thought about the summer four years back when our son was in my tummy and his dad and I would go out for walks every evening, excited and making plans, one at a time. He has filled our lives with so much joy and purpose that it is hard to put that feeling into words:) Now that I am expecting our second child, we are filled with a new joy, one that is extra special since it includes our little boy too. We can’t wait for him to meet his baby sister this winter and make memories, growing up together. The other two pictures are from our daily routine:in one he is engaged in his morning activity that usually involves (other than me being a tough parent, who also has to surprisingly, plead a lot!) coloring or making puzzles or building blocks. That day it was learning to sort by shapes. And the other one is a snapshot of my desk as I was working on a blog post (A Handwritten Post!).

   So, you see…these photos are simple. They depict life as it unfolds around us every day and while most days are plain routine, there can be moments that help us smile a little bit or reflect upon time gone by or help us pause as we navigate through the madness of our daily lives.

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