A photo, a day: Post No. 3

   A photo a day sounds simple enough but now that I am actually trying to do this, it turns out it is not that easy! Especially since I do not go out everyday seeking to click a photo…I, till now, am clicking photos of things mostly around my house of things that stand out at that moment in time. Maybe I should venture out a bit and make the most of this weather since this is August and in about two months, it will be time to get out the jackets and hats:(

   These three depict what my little one’s life mostly revolves around in the house. His guitar (which is actually an ukulele) and his dad’s are one of my most treasured sights around our house. Neel is good with the guitar, something he learnt all by himself, and is very passionate about the music that he plays and our little one, it seems, has picked up his dad’s passion for music! He ‘plays’ it in his own way and has about 6 Elvis songs that he knows by heart (we did not make him memorize anything, he has done it over time, just by listening) along with a bunch of other Bengali songs and his rhymes, and dad and son often have their jamming sessions while I get to soak in all the love. To watch kids and their ways is an amazing experience and sometimes they take you by so much surprise that it fills your heart with gratitude:) Like almost every other kid his age or even older, his obsession with cars is a thing to watch and ‘drumming while making his dad supper’ is literally a child’s play! Life is simple around kids and while they do get on our nerves at times (and I admit that with my crazy hormones at the moment, this happens more frequently than before), it is important that we pause to bask in this joyousness that perhaps is unique to these charming, and at times pesky, ones!


   Photo filters fall short and seem superficial when you have a gorgeous day like the one above. The part of New Jersey that we currently live in has lots of farmlands, barns and one can catch glimpses of farm animals grazing and lazying around in the sun, and on a good day a drive through those roads can be lovely. Taking this photo made me realize that I should be going out more often and try to capture more while it is still warm and sunny! In the other photos, we are being silly, with our crazy hat project and ‘cutting vegetables for the soup’ project! Being a stay-at-home mom of an active child keeps me on my toes most of the times and keeping him away from the television and  iPad for as long as possible, requires quite a bit of imagination and patience on my part. And I keep on adding to  my pocket book of memories:)

   I am glad that I am trying to take a photo everyday and I will admit I feel a bit of a pressure trying to look around for moments to capture. But a couple of photos have made me realize that I should not be trying too hard to find a moment to click. It can’t be done that way. If it’s worth clicking, it will jump up on it’s own! And I will have something that might look silly and mundane to some, but it will speak to me forever and I am sure will resonate with some of you as well:) I am eager to find out if you too have such moments that are simple on the outside but have a story that is dear to you!

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