Look around… for there is beauty everywhere

   Who has not heard this before? We all have and that’s because it could not be more true:) And you always do not need to go someplace place special with special gear to take photos that would make you happy. In this age of some really cool mobile phones, many of us have at our disposal these gadgets that are capable of taking good quality photos if we keep our eyes open and happen to be present at the right place at the right time!

   I, for one, always look around to capture something that I think could make for a good photo and Neel makes fun of me for that sometimes! I don’t really care;) But, just to be clear, I am also not that person who has her phone in her hands at all times and keeps on clicking at every random thing that passes by…nope! In fact it is quite the opposite since I generally have to scramble for my phone inside my  bag which carries a zillion things and end up retrieving it only once the moment I wanted to capture has passed. But I have not given up and try to keep a look out for these random objects or scenes that speak to me!


   This one I took when we had were waiting at a stop light on our way to weekly grocery at our local store. The window was a bit dirty and so the picture is kind of grainy but it remains one of my very favorite photos. It was dusk and the flock of birds had gathered on these wires probably before returning to their nests for the day. It is a simple picture and spoke to me as it signaled the end of a hard working day for them and for many whose cars were at the stop light. Simple moments like these are all around and they are fascinating in their own way.

   When Nature is this beautiful, who needs filters…right? The sun trying to peek out one last time at dusk from behind the big grey clouds was another of those shots that I took from a moving car and I am glad that my phone was not lost in that ugly bag of mine that I take with me everywhere! As I was saying earlier, we just need to be present at the right place at the right moment sometimes:) The other picture with cherry blossoms scattered on the grass is one that we all probably have taken at some point of time…their beauty is so intoxicating that I cannot stop admiring them enough, it seems! And the last one, that of a Weather Channel jeep, was taken, again, at the parking lot of our local grocery store on a rainy day…how awesome was that! I had never seen one before and have not seen one since. This was just plain lucky!

   What are some of your favorite random clicks?

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