Lessons from my three and a half year old

   Bringing up a child is scary. There is this pressure since it essentially (in most cases) shapes the type of person the child will grow up to be and there is always a fear of ‘messing’ things up! Ever since I became a parent, I find myself second guessing almost every step I take that counts as ‘parenting’ and that can be unnerving at times. And I am hoping I am not the only one who feels this way:)

   Life has been a whirlwind of emotions since the beginning of 2015 when our lives changed overnight as we became parents for the first time. And it has been an amazing journey since. As all new parents, we found ourselves doing things we did not know we were capable of (slipping on a one-sie over a very small and very wobbly head, for example!). But the amazing part of parenthood is probably that-you somehow muster up all the courage and together with all the love and tenderness that your heart can hold, you direct your energy towards keeping your child safe.

   Now that our little boy will four in a few months, I sometimes sit back and wonder at his transition from an immobile mush to a rolling, sitting, quarter crawling, babbling infant to a walking-talking mini person and now to this little boy who ‘plays’ the guitar, sings Elvis, Dire Straits, Jim Morrison with elan and kicks the soccer ball like it’s no one’s business!  When you have a little one running around in the house, there is never a dull moment. You always find yourself on some sort of an adventure, dealing with things previously unknown and at times having to come up with answers to questions you did not expect a toddler would put to you! But you do it with ease and expertise (or so I would like to believe) and hope that the child buys your explanation! And while he keeps us entertained with his playful shenanigans, there are moments that make me pause and count my blessings. These are the moments when I call him “my little Bodhisattva”.

     As a parent, I have realized what the saying ‘children teach us what life is all about’ implies and I am grateful for all the things that our little sunshine helps us learn, re-learn and unlearn in his own way. Things that my little one has helped me understand better and encouraged me to  channel into my conscience are simple, and they help me in living a bit more mindfully:

  • To love unconditionally and give wholeheartedly.
  • The amazing power of compassion
  • To forgive and hug
  • To explore as much as possible (Have you seen a child dig holes in the playground !)
  • To be a bit fearless  and take risks (Watch a child climb up the monkey bars with wobbly steps but oozing confidence!)
  • Greet one and all with a smile and hello
  • Look around with wonder, for there is so much to know (Everything from a bug to a firefly to a new toy to a foot print in the snow elicits wonder)
  • Shed inhibitions
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • To speak my mind
  • To keep trying till I succeed

   I know it is much easy for a child to do these things a their world is uncomplicated and unadulterated and it is whole other thing for the grown ups trying to juggle a gazillion things in this increasingly greed driven  and hatred mongering world. But we can all practice these in our own way to an extent that our complicated lives allow! It isn’t that difficult. And it also isn’t something that we already do not know…it’s just that we sometimes forget how to! Life is better, even if a tad bit, when we remember the joy that simple things in life bring us…won’t you agree? And children, be it our own or our friends’ or neighbors’ or nephews, nieces…they all remind us from time to time that everyday starts anew and we can start it with renewed vigor! Enthusiasm and a bucketful of imagination can add some color in our often drab automated lives:)













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