A touch of autumn

   It’s starting to feel like my favorite time of the year- a crisp chill in the evening air makes me want to wrap my fingers around a cup of hot coffee; an occasional patch of bright yellow can be seen peeking through the lush green foliage; autumnal wreaths and pumpkins are on front doors and porches and chilly mornings are about to make way for gorgeous afternoons.

   Living in New Jersey, we get to enjoy the beauty of this colorful season and if we travel up a bit north, the resplendence of the fiery red, the flushed orange and the radiant yellows take our breath away. I enjoy this season as much as I can since all this brilliance will soon give way to the freezing days of winter, when everything will be blanketed in sheets of white and going outside will require a dozen items of clothing. The unique smells and sounds of autumn, the packing of summer clothes and getting scarves and jackets ready, having your favorite throw on the couch for when you cuddle up with a good book at the end of a busy day, enjoying ‘trick-or-treat’ with the little ones are all part of this brief but exhilarating beauty.



   As someone who likes taking taking pictures, I had hoped to have some that would have  somewhat captured the beauty of this season, but was disappointed that I had not done a good job of doing the same. I wonder why. Nonetheless, I am going to share some of the pictures that I did take over a few autumns and I hope to take some better ones in the coming years.







                              (This is the same picture that is on the front page of the blog)


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