Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Story

I decided to participate in Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by:

The Snow Melts Somehwere ( and Something to Ponder About ( There is a new prompt every Friday and this week’s prompt is “Story”.


It is my first time doing this and here’s my take on that:

7195d1a4-3c6d-4e48-ba32-5e09b93a2896                                                             GROWING UP TALES


I have been noticing for quite some time how my four year old has been gradually turning into a little more matured tiny human, with a developing set of likes and dislikes- and this shelf in our small bookcase tells that story the best. ‘Baby’ books (as he calls them) have been getting replaced by these ‘big boy’ books and we are enjoying growing up ‘seeing and reading’ these. The saying ‘ Kids grow up too fast’ is so true!

7 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Story

    • acacophonouslife says:

      awww…that is an adorable phase! I remember my son trying to ‘read’ and making faces that on one hand I found impressive and on the other would have me burst into peels of laughter! Kids do grow up do fast!

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