Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Photo Walk

   This will be my third post for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere ( and Something to Ponder About ( when I woke up this morning, one of the first things that crossed my mind was ‘what would the prompt this week be’!

   I love taking pictures and there is no denying that and though I am not good at it, I am quite passionate. I am not the one who has the phone ready in her and at all times and clicks at anything and everything. On the contrary, I have had more missed chances that I would like to acknowledge as I was busy rummaging through what is supposed to be my bag but looks- like- a- sack, trying to locate my phone in vain! But, when I do go on walks, I am mindful about my phone and it’s storage space (another dreadful scenario I face often) and I remember to carry my camera as well. This week’s prompt gave me a chance to look back at many pictures I had taken that I have not had a chance to share yet (I am assuming none of my previous posts have these!) and I feel thankful and happy. None of these are recent but they all are special in heir own way,  with anecdotes that make them close to my heart.

   These first batch of photos were taken during our first visit to my sister-in-law in California and it was our first proper trip ever. Neel had recently got his first job and I was doing an internship at an organization, whose cause I was passionate about. I had never been anywhere before that in this country (other than Minnesota where we both went to grad school) and, on top of that we were visiting family and a very dear friend too! It was a special trip, reminding us of the steps we have had to climb to be able to go on a trip at that point in our lives. We did not have a camera then and so these were taken by my first smart phone:)


Santana Row, CA:2011


San Francisco, CA 2011

   These next set of pictures are in and around my neighborhood during spring time, a couple of years ago probably. These are during the times when my then two year old and I would be going on our afternoon walks, him toddling as fast as his tiny legs would allow and me walking a few steps behind him soaking in all the magic that was happening as the little guy would walk, stop  and gaze at almost everything with wonder and delight! And as I took innumerable pictures of him, I also would occasionally take some of the cherry blossom that add pink and white to our neighborhood during spring.



These final set of pictures are from our last visit to Kolkata , India in the spring of 2018. They are from in and around my in-laws’ house and my father’s house and hold a special place in my heart as it was around this time we found out that we would be adding another member to our family of three!  Now that she is four months old, looking back at these pictures bring back those flutters of excitement and anxiousness and remind me once again, to count my blessings and be grateful . It also hurts a little as I reminisce about growing up in this soulful city- a city I still call home, a city that has seen me through my many ups and downs. It’s the city where our parents and my younger brother live-  indispensable and unequalled, who enrich our lives with their selfless love; people we have left behind to find our footing in this world;  people whose hearts ache a little more with every passing year as we wave goodbye at the airport gates and people who bear more than their age allows  to make life easier for us.







5 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Photo Walk

  1. Manja Mexi Movie says:

    Ah, what does it really mean to be good at photography, I wonder more and more. Isn’t it to do what you’re happy doing? Making memories, observing the beauty, rejoicing at life? i get lovely warm feelings from your pictures and this is all it takes for something to be good for me.

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thak you so so much for your wonderful words! I don’t know much about you ( except from your blog!) but I like you😊What lovely thoughts:) Those are the very reasons I keep clicking❤️It makes me happy and I feel at peace. I have just started following your blog and what vibrant pictures and lovely writing!! Going back to reading more of that now:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Manja Mexi Movie says:

        Aaahh, I love your enthusiasm, Moon (If I can call you this)! Thank you for coming over! Welcome to my blog. I’m having a poetry month in April, after that there will be more photos and less poetry. 🙂

        A word of advice: Your account is still linked to the blog relivingmemories123 which – WordPress tells me – doesn’t exist any more. So if anybody wants to find your current blog after you leave a comment on their blog, for example, it’s not possible. Find where you change this and make your current blog your primary.


  2. The Snow Melts Somewhere says:

    What a lovely post, both words and photos! The California pictures are soooo colorful and you can feel the sun in them. The neighborhood walk photos are beautiful and you talking of your afternoon walks with your 2 y.o. makes me wo der if I should be taking walks with mine… the only problem is I have two (twins) and I can’t imagine being in any way in control of the situation! They run like wild horses, in different directions…
    Anyway, thank you so much for your entry! And I smiled when I read you had thought of the challenge right when you woke up! 🤗

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  3. Forestwood says:

    Delightful photos, is the red flowering plant a Hippeastrum, Moon? Finally found your blog here. I think Manja has the right solution. Take a look under your dashboard settings – manage accounts or such like. Make your primary blog.


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