Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Mood

   It’s Monday and I am a tad bit late for this, but here is this week’s prompt from The Snow Melts Somewhere for the Photo Challenge-Mood. Hosted by Snow and Amanda from Something To Ponder About, the weekly prompts have been my motivation for taking new photographs and I am thankful to them for that! In case you haven’t checked out their blogs, I  suggest that you do so:)

   As Snow pointed out, weather does have an impact on the mood of many…myself and the good man included. The gloomy and cloudy weather, that sadly seems to be spanning a significant portion of spring here in New Jersey for the past couple of years, at times dampens the otherwise cheeriness that tiny green leaves and chirping of birds bring. I don’t mind the long winter months as long as there is bright sunshine and so,  in spring when the cloud does not seem to disperse for long stretches, I weirdly find myself yearning for winter!

   We were at a stop light and this tiny barn shed flanked by two trees caught my eye, this Sunday. One was still bare while the other was covered in the spring leaves. I liked it and hence, I clicked! And once we got going again, it made me think about how sometimes change takes time. It can’t be rushed, it probably  shouldn’t be. The process unfolds on its own and interfering restricts the meaning. And I realized – that is what my ‘mood’ has been, for the past few weeks.


IMG-0705                                                          Sometimes, change takes time.

   As someone who likes things done fast, this is an extremely valuable lesson. It lets me do things as and when they should be done, and that includes mundane things like doing laundry, but at the same time teaches me to pause and take a step back from rushing through life. It helps me take control of my emotions when my four year old is unable to grasp concepts that may look basic to me but are certainly not so for him! It’s OKAY if he gets confused by squares and rectangles, it’s OKAY if he gets distracted peeling off the wrapper from the crayons instead of coloring and it’s most certainly OKAY if he sometimes jumps on the bed while I wait to read him his favorite story. He is supposed to be doing these! It helps me wait for the right time to get a job, allowing me at the moment,  watch my kids achieve their own milestones. It also reinforces beliefs that I have always known to be true and which I have held on to at times when all was not smooth sailing.  It also guides me to remember Rumi’s ‘let silence take you to the core of life’, but a monumental piece of teaching that it is, I often fail to adhere to its principle. However, I am trying and I hope one day I will be able to grasp a tiny bit of its essence  and in the process learn to live organically and mindfully.


3 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Mood

  1. Forestwood says:

    Let silence take you to the core of life – what beautiful words! Live organically and mindfully is also something I would like to do more of. It is great that you see all the distractions of childhood are a good thing. He is exploring and learning every moment. Activities don’t have to be rigid and structured, he will get plenty of that in school!
    As for mood, life moves on and the weather will soon change, as you intimated. It reminds me of an old Norwegian proverb I think of when life gets tough: Like bad weather, this too shall pass.
    Also, we don’t have a deadline for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, so don’t worry at all about posting late. Enjoy your week.

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  2. acacophonouslife says:

    Thanks😊 I remembered the other day something you had mentioned a few days ago… about the possibility of setting up a challenge together? Do you think we can do that? If so, let me know! I would love to be able to do something with you😃


  3. The Snow Melts Somewhere says:

    A valuable lesson and something I admit I struggle with. I heard somewhere ”your busy, chore-filled days are someone’s childhood” and I try to remember to cherish every moment (while doing the chores because they won’t get done by themselves…) Happy to hear our challenge gets you taking pictures! The photo in this post fits very well! 😊


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