Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Looking Up

Another interesting prompt for this week’s photo challenge hosted by Amanda @ Something To Ponder About and Snow @ The Snow Melts Somewhere.

Posting some new and old images (that are already in some other posts of mine) that I think go well with this theme. I hope you like!














Have a good weekend, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Looking Up

    • acacophonouslife says:

      What lovely pictures! I have been to Japan and it remains as one of my favorite destinations:) The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere ( and by Something to Ponder About ( and every week they have interesting prompts! If you are interested in participating every week, just visit their links and you can find out more! It would be wonderful to see more photos from you!! Could you please post this link of ‘Looking Up” in the comment section of ‘Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Looking Up by Something to Ponder About’? They will be very happy to see your post!! Looking forward to more:) thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. acacophonouslife says:

    Oh no worries at all! I got to see the photos directly! And you had pictures from Japan… it made me very happy!!! If you don’t mind me asking: are you from Japan? Or do you live there now?


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