Monday Motivation

  A lot has been on my mind of  late that keeps adding to the troubles of the ever- anxious me. Spring is refusing to spring here with the almost incessant rain and overcast sky. Even the coffee maker is having to work harder than usual to help with the mood around the house!

   But today is a bright sunny day and everything looks cheery! It was a happy ride to the school this morning and the smell of the freshly cut grass especially after the rains, one of my favorite smells, was exhilarating.

   I took this photo right outside my kiddo’s class this morning… flowers are starting to pop up all around and adding to the beauty that is Spring:)





And the thought that I want to leave you with this morning is something I try to remember when overwhelmed with circumstances beyond my control.



You are welcome to leave a photo of anything bright and colorful in the comment section, if you wish to!

Have a happy week, you all.

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