‘What’s the Word’ Wednesday


    Have you ever looked up the dictionary definition of walk? I don’t think I ever had, till before today…and I am pretty sure no one ever has!! While scrolling through some old documents and pictures the other day, I came across something I had used as a Facebook post of mine a few years ago. It was this quote by the two time Pulitzer Prize winner, journalist and writer, Paul Salopek.

    “Walking is falling forward. Each step we take is an arrested plunge, a collapse averted, a disaster braked. In this way, to walk becomes an act of faith. We perform it daily: a two-beat miracle-an iambic teetering, a holding on and letting go”.

Fascinating, poetic and profound…don’t you think?

And then I, just out of curiosity, looked up, for the first time, the ‘regular’ definition of walk: ‘move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once’.

If I am ever asked by anyone to define walk, I am going to be telling them the more poetic version!


Happy Wednesday, you all!




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