Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Design

   I have been missing out on my  posts for the past two weeks as I feel a bit ‘all over the place’ at the moment but I knew I had to post for  the Friendly Friday prompt by Snow and Amanda.

   Here’s my interpretation for ‘Design’…some from Nature, some from my collection of sarees (I could not not post some of the handwoven designs on the sarees…I have always been fascinated by their intricacies and beauty) and some from everyday objects around the house. And the last one was a special birthday gift by my then two and a half year old that hangs above my study desk along with his other ‘art work’ 🙂 A few of the photos are in other posts too!




















Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Design

    • acacophonouslife says:

      Always a pleasure Amanda and a lot of fun too!! That pattern of embroidery when it is done on sarees is native to West Bengal, an eastern state in India…it’s called ‘Kantha Stitch’ . A few other eastern states also have this typical pattern and this is used on not just sarees but other ethnic wear too, not to mention the good old quilts. You can read a bit about it here–


      • Forestwood says:

        Ooooh. Traditional art. Sounds very special. Thanks for enlightening me. Does each state or region have their own unique patterns of embroidery?


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