I will try again, anyway.


When darkness descends

And hugs the weary earth in a tight embrace

I glaze into the setting sun

Fighting solitude.


I curl up and dream

Of a time that could have been

A time that lurks inside my mind

Toying with the possibility of a better tomorrow.


I search for comfort among shallow souls

I search for peace among the throngs of ravaging turmoil

I search for silence among the rancorous laughter of disdain

I search for sanity among the insane.


Inside my mind when darkness falls,

The battle continues.

 Between the known and the unknown

Between the lost hopes and the chances to come

Between the aching soul and the free spirit.


As I close my eyes and drift away,

I hear the leaves rustle- they hush my pain.

I fight the tears, I must

I tell myself it’s okay or maybe it’s not

I will try again, anyways.

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