Nothing to say…

   It was World Photography Day yesterday and I wasn’t aware of that till before…yesterday! I found a tiny window that did not involve folding loads of laundry or attending to a trying-to-crawl-but-can’t-yet 9 month old or answering to a four year old’s non stop questions and read up on the history of this day and  a couple of quick articles on how this day is/has been celebrated over the years and what a treat for the eyes it proved to be. And then I wanted to write so much more than this but the clock kept ticking, reminding of all that was yet to be done before the day got over. So, I went back to the daily chores with almost a bounce in my step that lasted for till I heard  the four year old emptying all his toys on the floor! Anyways…life has been a bit chaotic and overwhelming for some time now and picking up the camera has proved to be a luxury that I have not been able to afford of late. In honor of yesterday and for the love of photography (that I am far far far and a million more far-s away from being anything remotely good at), I am sharing this photo that I took a couple of days ago while on an evening walk with my family in our neighborhood.



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