Monday Motivation

   “Don’t allow someone make you feel like you’re not good enough”Anonymous

   There’s no use denying that we live in a world that at many times appears to be harsh, unnecessarily untruthful and full of negativity. While it is not true always, it unfortunately is a huge part of our daily living and that can be tiring. To continuously have to strive to find the good in people, to keep on being optimistic, to having the courage to deal with the negative- can be taxing. Yet, we focus on the good…we must. The good, the bad and the ugly coexist and it is up to us how we respond to these.

   How we choose to view the world around us is probably a ‘choice’ and while it may sound utopian, I believe that we can decide to focus on the good that is also found in plenitude. ‘Choose to be kind in an unkind world‘ is more than a print on a coffee mug or a T shirt. It can be a wonderful way of living, albeit frustrating at times and difficult to maintain but nonetheless doable. Everyday people, things, circumstances will work in inexplicable ways to make us feel bad about ourselves, about the choices we make in life; they will work tirelessly to bring us down and fill us with self doubt- do not let them. The power lies within us to not respond to such pettiness. My Ma always says that anyone who behaves in this manner is already beneath us and I couldn’t agree more. I understand that it is easier said than done but it is upon us to not let the weight of other people’s malicious behavior, their inanity and their overall disregard for anyone else but themselves, their hollow judgments take us down. Our convictions and inner strength can lead us in our own journeys that we each take and we meet an equal number of, if not more, people who enrich our lives with love, generosity, humility and awesomeness which brightens the gloom negative energy brings. Random acts or spoken words by strangers and acquaintances make us smile a bit and breathe easy and we know that love continues to grow and even if we are unable to see it, the world is still a beautiful place.




Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a happy week!



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Forestwood says:

    Inspirational words, Moon and really important to remember – it is a CHOICE as to how one reacts. The direction of that choice has a huge impact on how one feels. The thought comes first, then the feeling or emotions second. We can control our thoughts. Well perhaps control is not a great word to use here. We can modify or choose our thoughts. Atm, we have a difficult situation with one of our family members and I am determined not to let it stress me out. This had made a big difference to how I feel. They is still concern on my part for them, but the lighter amount of stress due to this different attitude of mine, has meant I have more clarity in processing the problem, and also the emotions I feel towards it. It is still not easy but being determined does help!! Do you know what I mean?

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      I so hear you Amanda and you are absolutely correct in saying that we can modify or choose our thoughts. I had a similar stressful situation involving family members and it was as if my body was rejecting all the negative energy as well. I was letting those hurtful words, actions and people live in my mind at all times and that was interfering with my daily living. I had to one day just let go of being so involved with what I was letting them do to me with their words/actions…it was not worth all the good that there was/is around. And I distanced myself as much as possible with respect to how I chose to react to negativity. And yes again to having more clarity in processing the emotions attached. Sending you positive thoughts and a warm hug:) The more I interact with you, my fondness for you grows!

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