Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Ignored

   Here is this week’s contribution for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, hosted by Snow and Amanda.

   From a once favorite shoe or a snuggly stuffy to objects that we come across when we clean our garages or peek inside storage boxes, objects that catch our attention when on a stroll in the neighborhood and similar things all fit this week’s prompt. As we keep on adding to our needs and wants, this list of ignored objects also, sadly, increases. They are not necessarily forgotten objects always but probably have fallen out of affection at the moment. So I can’t discard them but at the same time since they don’t meet my needs now, (but I hope they might in the future), I keep them aside and continue to ignore them for the time being.

And then, I also sometimes willfully ignore the pile of never ending laundry that needs to be folded but I walk past it and tell myself…some other time;)



A lovely flower… unblemished by the mud



A girl’s bike



A once lovely basil plant, nourished and nurtured by grandfather and grandson…now bare and barren.



A favorite thing at one point, it now lies uncared for as it no longer can fit the taller boy.


Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

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