This morning, WordPress had one notification for me: “You’ve made 100 posts on bitsandpieces”. And I was like- “Whaaaaat?”

While this is a teeny tiny number, it means a lot to me- to the me who kept the blog ‘private’ for close to a year, to the introvert in me who shies away from people and things alike, to the me who is usually a lot on the fence, to the me who tends to overthink, to the me who questions her actions and thoughts at all times, to the me who feels many other similar things that do not necessarily help her confidence!

I took this plunge because I wanted to break out of this shell of mine that has kept me from venturing into new possibilities and to let my guard down a bit. Thoughts like- “I have no niche nor am I great writer or a good photographer, what is that will make my blog stand out, there are so many awesome blogs out there…why even bother, who will ever want to read what I write, what will everyone think”– sowed seeds of self doubt and a couple of times I even came quite close to deleting my account and its contents. But I persevered and I am glad I did.

While I do not bring anything new and extravagant, anything wise and wonderful to this community, being a part of this has helped me grow as a person a lot and I am thankful for that. It has helped me embrace myself for who I am and helped me grow. It has helped me have meaningful conversations and learn through those. It has encouraged me to read more and think better. It has inspired me to take better photos. It has helped me go through forgotten tales and shake off the dust of days gone by. It has helped me share my thoughts, however random, and encouraged me to keep going. Over and everything, it has been a privilege – to read powerful and inspirational articles, to embark on this virtual world tour through wonderful travel posts, to read stories of resilience and celebration, to marvel at photos that leave me spellbound, to be able to bring into my kitchen food from cultures different to the one I grew up in.

And all of this has been possible because of YOU- YOU who took time to read what I wrote, YOU who liked what you saw/read, YOU who left encouraging words, YOU who forged a connection, YOU who inspired, YOU who took just a glance.

So, these 100 posts have been possible because of YOU and I am grateful for that.

                        THANK YOU for guiding, for inspiring and for comforting.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite photos from when I started out first and one new photo, which was taken by my son this morning on our way back from his school. This little guy has started asking for my phone a bit more of late for taking photos and that brings a smile to my face every time!





Marigolds – taken by my little man this morning.


Thank you, as always, for stopping by and I wish you happiness today and every day.

4 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Forestwood says:

    Your son is a budding photographer, for sure!
    Well done to you for 100 posts. I love your raw honesty! And folks that read your blog are learning from you too.
    It takes a while to increase one’s readership but you are right, blogging is an inspirational learning, growth – experience. I love blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Manja Mexi Mexcessive says:

    Oh Moon, this is a great post and reminder that it’s always YOU who are the essential ingredient to what we all do. Congratulations on your perseverance! These are excellent photos and it’s great to see them together like this. And the fact that your child requests your phone whenever he sees beauty and wants to capture it makes me smile. 🙂 To many more posts and connections!

    Liked by 1 person

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