Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Electric

   What a unique prompt this week..great job, Snow. I love this weekly challenge so much and I can’t say that enough:)

   The weather here has been ‘cold-ish’ and if you step out in the evening without a light jacket or a wrap, you might get that slight quiver, a chill but you won’t mind that much as your eyes will be treated to a wonderful blue above that will most likely be splashed with the pinks and oranges of the setting sun.

Here’s my contribution for this week!


The lamp and the blue?!



The blue..I am not sure if this can be classified as electric but the lamp works!



I just liked this view of the airplane zooming by



One of the street lights en route to the neighborhood park




One of the few the good man has.


Thanks for stopping by and soak in the weekend sun!

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