Monday Motivation


“Sometimes it feels like there is no magic in a world where the bad guys always seem to win. But there is. In every act of kindness and bravery, there is the magic we all seek” – Nikita Gill.


Keep believing, keep looking out for those magicians and let’s keep spinning some magic ourselves! Thanks for stopping by🧡

One thought on “Monday Motivation

  1. Forestwood says:

    A beautiful quote.
    We often forget the small acts of kindness in desperately trying to cope with and process the awful things that happen in our world. The media makes things harder as they focus on the horror, the calamities, the controversies and we must look for those touching moments in each day: our children’s smile, the hug of a friend, a kind word of a colleague or word of thanks from a stranger.
    They are there and deserve our attention!!

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