Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Photo Edits

   Another interesting topic this week at the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. While editing photos definitely add a wow factor, I personally try not to engage in major editing because I feel that has the power to sometimes take away  from the moment and the memory. Please note that I am speaking only for myself and I understand the  need for photos to be edited in order to highlight the story the photographer tries to tell through the pictures. I am not a photographer and hence am in no place to comment on the need! I take pictures to mostly capture moments that speak to me and while I do not have any photo editing tools at my disposal (an intentional act), I occasionally use good old  Microsoft Office and the basic editing features on my rather old iPhone for adjusting the brightness and color contrast! Maybe one day when I am able to take good pictures, I shall  give serious editing a try. For me, a novice, my fear is an incorrect edit might ruin the photo and the moment…do you feel that way ever? But I am slowly learning the tricks of editing by looking at the beautiful photos that are posted on a daily basis on the blogs that I follow and I hope I learn quickly to be able to get over my fear and give serious editing a try! For now, I am sticking with the most basic editing possible:)

For now, these are some of the before and after shots-










Before ( I was trying to take a photo that could be fit into the ‘still life’ category but there was too much light, I thought, as it was at the grocery store)



After editing (I reduced the brightness to give it a little depth but was not sure if the edit made it better or not and so have not used this anywhere yet!)






After ( Can you tell the difference though?)












IMG-2894 (1)




Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all get some extra hours of sleep over the weekend!

One thought on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Photo Edits

  1. Forestwood says:

    The leaves are great – there is more depth in colour in the after shot – I like that. I also like the way you framed the city photo with the tree. It was great either way! I once took a photo of a rose like the yellow one and darkened the background via an editor – although I can’t remember which one. Maybe a free app – like snapseed or picsart on my smartphone – I was pleased how it turned out. The contrast of the black or dull background made the yellow rose pop. Were the roses a gift from your beloved?
    The peaches – seem more luscious in the edit – and a different angle rather than straight on might have worked to capture and direct one’s attention to the texture of the peach skin – but still a great photo nevertheless.


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