Monday Motivation


“Allow yourself to be a beginner. Not everyone starts off being excellent”. (Wendy Flynn).


This is true for all of us isn’t it? And yet, fear of failing, among other insecurities,  stops us from taking that first step.

I have been making tiny changes, tiny beginnings of sorts.  It does take a combination of ‘ I should give this a try’, ‘So what if I look funny’, ‘ There’s no shame in trying’, ‘ If I don’t do well, I will try again’ and similar mini monologues to help get through  but hey, so what! For me, it has been strangely liberating.

From interviews to trying salsa or even something as simple as carving a pumpkin… there always has to be a starting point. As I mentioned, I have recently taken that first step for a couple of new things,  while am yet to shake off the nerves and go for others. But I will be pushing myself! Have you done something recently that took some ‘you can do it’ from yourself? Or  is there something that you have been thinking of trying for some time now but a ‘what if’ has been stopping you? Would love to hear from you!

While some acts require serious preparation ( for example running a marathon), others like singing at a karaoke bar in front of others, in spite of being a terrible singer, should not! Life is way too stressful to lose our nerves on fun stuff, for the simple reason- they are supposed to be ‘fun’. I hope we all try something similar, something special that we have been putting off because of a bunch of silly excuses, and even if we fail miserably, at least we get to have a laugh thinking about it few years down the line!

Thanks for stopping by!  The jack o’ lantern, our first, was carved by my husband while our son cheered! Simple acts can sometimes bring a great amount of happiness and it is probably up to us to celebrate such tiny moments!

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