A Photo A Day…November

Can you believe that November is almost over! And, the little bundle we welcomed last year just turned one… how is time going by so fast😅 It has been a bumpy month, with the kids under the weather for the most part, too much rescheduling of events and a still broken dryer! But, it has been a month filled with extra snuggles and gorgeous blue skies, some pumpkin spiced latte ( I tried it for the first time this season and I am semi in love with it🧡) and a whole lot of mouth watering cake. So, here’s the third segment of my photo a day project!


A totally fantastic coincidence ❤️




Grateful for all the silly laughs and crazy moments🧡 How has November been treating you?  It is expected to snow a bit next week here in New Jersey… not sure how I feel about that! But that would definitely make for a good excuse to bake some cookies and dunk them in that pumpkin spiced latte I have been loving of late!

Thanks for stopping by!

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