Cook, Eat, Repeat!

The blog is about a couple of years now (though it was private for almost a year) and while I still don’t know exactly the direction it is moving towards, I am enjoying the process. I am certainly thankful for crossing paths with some lovely people here who have inspired and encouraged in their own way, knowingly and unknowingly.

And one such inspiration made me want to explore the option of hosting a monthly  challenge. And I decided it focus on food! Why a food challenge you ask? I am not an expert in any area of cooking or baking and have almost no original recipes! But, like many, am a huge fan of good food. Food that is not fancy, but is more hearty and something that gets cooked at home with ingredients that would not require a trip to specialty stores, at least not a lot!

Food brings people together and sharing a meal with someone is something we all do. It keeps us connected to our roots while also inviting others to explore our culture through our food.  In our increasingly interconnected and ever changing world, we have so many means of knowing and sharing it has generated more inspiration, has created avenues to reach out for help, created cheerleaders across borders, made us aware of all the good that is going on in spite of all the fanaticism, the greed and utter non sense.

We have our favorite childhood dishes, memories of coming together as family and sitting at the table. It is a tradition in that many uphold, especially during holidays while in “joint families” it is an everyday affair. Whatever may be the situation, sharing food with someone continues to be special and an affair close to the heart.

With that in mind, I am taking a leap of faith and starting a monthly section dedicated to food – Cook, Eat, Repeat -that I would love for you to participate in! A challenge of sorts, where we will get to break bread with each other, share an anecdote or two and bond over food and wine!

I will be sharing a theme for the month and will continue sharing recipes, anecdotes throughout the month centering on that. Some will be original recipes while others will be from bloggers I follow or have looked up for inspiration (will share their recipes with permission and credit, of course). Some will be from friends and family who I have had the good fortune of sharing meals with.

A very informal food blog where ‘a pinch’ is a perfectly acceptable measure of ingredients!

Will you join me please? The first post will go up this Sunday!



Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you there soon!

3 thoughts on “Cook, Eat, Repeat!

  1. Forestwood says:

    This is very exciting Moon. And a very well – written post! I would love to participate in this. Can’t wait to see the theme for this month. Only I hope it is not curry. As we don’t eat that in our house – although my son is a great advocate.

    Liked by 1 person

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