Cook, Eat, Repeat- With Love, From Japan

When I was thinking of doing this ‘cultural exchange through food’ in the form of a monthly challenge, I knew it would be daunting and I would have to keep myself really motivated. And just a month into this, I am only beginning to get a feel of that. And then life throws curve balls at times that you don’t always know how to deal with and so extra energy goes towards dealing with that! Unfortunately, this month is something of that. And while I have recipes ready, I do not have the time to sit and type it all up and let you take a peek into my pocketbook of memories through the stories. And I don’t want to put in a halfhearted effort and just write something for the sake of posting. So, while half of the month is gone and I haven’t shared anything with you yet, I will be doing so shortly. Maybe post a couple of recipes together! But first, I need to gather my thoughts and claim my mental space back from some unnecessary and unsavory issues. While I deal with that and work on sharing my stories with you, I will let you know about this month’s theme- ‘Japanese Cuisine’- my second most favorite cuisine in the whole wide world!!!

So, if you have any favorite recipes that you want to share, or your experience of trying and loving (or not) the cuisine, any photos you may want to share or recommend any blog that has delectable recipes from Japan, please do so through a post of yours and leave a link in the comment section for me and the others to find! I would be so happy to read them:)

I will be back midweek with two recipes and share snippets of my experience while living in this land that I fell in love with.

Here’s how to participate

  • Create your own post with your recipe, story, photosanything that you might wish to share that represents the theme of the month- JAPANESE CUISINE
  • Create a pingback (link to this post) or maybe leave a link in the comment section.
  • Join whenever you can!
  • Visit some of the other posts shared.


Thanks for stopping by and I will be back soon!

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