Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Something Good

Sandy has a wonderful prompt for us this week at Friendly Friday Photo Challenge . We could all definitely seek out moments of happiness, of gratitude,  of beauty, of humanity, of the good in the middle of these   scary times .

NJ has been one of the hardest hits areas in the US and as of yesterday the number of positive cases stands at a terrifying 92,000+. Grocery shopping is an ordeal and storing  that in a safe manner a bigger one. Our son keeps asking why he does not go to school anymore and why are the parks closed. He knows that we are in lockdown because of something terrible called Coronavirus, the gravity of terms he does not fully comprehend. But he understands and has been enormously patient but being a 5 year old, he does have his little moments from being cooped up in the apartment. The almost incessant rain and freeze warnings do not let us enjoy the ‘ spring’ outside. But we have been learning to be with and work around each other’s quirks and needs and we are definitely spending a lot more ‘together’ time (obviously!).

As I was thinking about what to post for this week, I thought about moments that have been pivotal this past month to our family and these are the ones that stood out. Our little girl is a confident ‘walker’ now and while that has made it easier for her to get into a lot more mischief and as a result increase my mini panic attacks, it is an absolute delight to watch her.


Brother sister duo are also learning to be there with and to be there FOR each other much more and this moment caught my eye the other day where both were in their own little world, seemingly oblivious of everything else. Such moments are what has made sense of the tough times we all are part of. The little boy is growing up fast and takes his role of a big brother and a soon to be Kindergarten-er very seriously and that is hilarious to watch at times. In his conversations with his sister he often brings up how big he has gotten that he will be starting Kindergarten from September and going to school in the big kids’ yellow bus. He is excited for sure. And my heart beats fast thinking about how better the world would be and how safe would it be for kids to be going back to school in a few months. But I choose to keep aside that worry for a later time.


Conversations about the pandemic and how it is impacting people all over the world and how those on the frontline are doing their very best to keep others safe, is a staple of households everywhere. And kids are smarter and kinder than we give them credit for. The little guy drew these as  a ‘ thank you note’. He also set up his grocery store where he took orders over the phone and then delivered produce to people in need. All a child’s play, but this gives me hope that the next generation maybe will be kinder and smarter and will know better.



We love to cook in our home and that has definitely been a huge stress buster. On some Fridays, we dress up and as our son puts it- ‘pretend -go -out- to- eat’. Little moments of joy have made isolation less tiring. And we love music too. Every evening we make sure to sing and play the guitar and sometimes drums and whatever song we sing, “Life goes on’ by the Beatles remains constant!

My home country of India is in lockdown and has been so for quite a few weeks now. But it plans to lift the lockdown soon and without adequate testing and infrastructure in place, I shudder to think what might happen if ‘it’ spreads. Our parents and many family members are old, each with underlying conditions and I am scared to think anything beyond ‘what if this spreads’. My parents have been spending time at home more than usual and one of the things they have been doing is going through family albums and as we call each other everyday, I get to hear stories associated with special photos. And I absolutely love it. It has been a lot more this last week and my brother keeps sending me some of the old photos from the albums and this one is a favorite for so many reasons. I will not go into all the personal stories here. This is a picture of my mother with me and I am about 3 weeks old here. She is a first time mom in this picture and when I look at her looking  at me, I see the same love in her eyes today as she sees her grandkids over video calls. She is almost blind now and with whatever little is left, she takes in all that she can of their little faces and big smiles. She hurts inside, I know,  but she does not show it for a moment. She lives life thanking her God for all the blessings showered on her and her family and I know not how she does that. This is a picture that speaks to me of selfless love that a parent showers on her kids at all times, under all circumstances. Age and distance do not hold much power over a mother’s love.


Spring has sprung ( I really hate this cliche but end up using it more than I am willing to acknowledge!) and while rain has tampered with these fragile blossoms, I was still able to take a few photos, though all with my cell phone.


Thank you Sandy for your wonderful thought for this week. These have been some of the highlights of the past month and while personal, I am sure many around the world are reveling in such moments big  and small, writing their own stories while also discovering those which have already been written, may be a little forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and celebrate the little moments.

9 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Something Good

  1. SandyL says:

    This is a wonderful post Moon! Your little guy is growing up to be a great big brother. He has a lot of empathy and compassion, clearly a product of your nurturing environment. These are special days and perhaps it’s not so bad to have more time to spend with the kids 🙂


  2. The Snow Melts Somewhere says:

    What a lovely photo of your mum with baby-you ❤ And I always enjoy your writing. It's tough to explain to kids why we are avoiding grandma and not going to daycare regularly, I've just said it's "germ season"…. pretty vague eh? (I tried to take them back to daycare last week but then everyone got notified they had traced corona back to our daycare….)

    Liked by 1 person

    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thank you Snow! I like ‘germ season’ and I told this to my son…he looked at me with some confusion but he liked the name! Now he has ‘lockdown’,’coronavirus’, and ‘germ season’ to his list of new words:D:D That’s scary to hear- that it got traced to the your daycare. My kid’s daycare is planning to reopen soon though with increasing number of positive cases everyday (currently NJ is at 118,000+) I am not sure what their plan is. I am not going to be sending him anytime soon (but I have that option since I am a stay at home mom). I hope there is a solution to this soon. How many more lives are going to be lost, I shudder to think. Hugs to you. Be safe.

      Liked by 1 person

      • acacophonouslife says:

        Hi Snow! I just wanted to give you a little update. I am going to be signing off of WordPress…I feel I am not being able to commit myself as much as I want to and I am someone who cannot do things halfheartedly. So…I have been pondering over this decision for a while now and I think it is best for the moment. But I hope I can be back some day and if i am, I will surely look you up and I am hoping you will remember me:) You, Amanda and Manja have been my constant inspiration and support in your own ways and I am so so thankful for that. Hugs to you and love to the little rockstars!!! stay well and I hope our paths cross again. <3<3<3<3

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Snow Melts Somewhere says:

        Aww, I’ve so enjoyed our chats! If you want to get in touch by email, send me a message through the contact form on my blog? But I understand your decision: I feel the same quite often. I hope you come back when you’re ready ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Take care!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • acacophonouslife says:

        Thank you, Snow! Me too. I was thinking of deleting my account permanently but have decided against that. That way when I come back I will be able to start where I had left off and I will also have the memories of all the wonderful interactions I have had over the past two years with you guys❤️ I may pop over from time to time to read when you write ! There is so much I want to write and take photos of and cook and then post recipes, but I am finding it difficult to make some time when I can do that😓so a bit of a break might do good! Hugs❤️❤️❤️

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