Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Whilst Walking

I like the title “Whilst Walking’! There is something in the word ‘whilst’ …almost an old world charm, a place where one may embark upon a leisurely stroll down cobbled roads, with quaint and happy colored houses, with flower pots hanging on the window sill and maybe a whiff of a peach cobbler mixed with the smell of a cold winter afternoon! And it makes me happy to be able to participate in Amanda’s challenge after a long time. Life in lock down has been different for sure, both challenging and, at times, filled with little surprises. Considering we have been in this mode since March, seasons have come and gone and our neighborhood was all that we had to celebrate them with. I have taken more pictures than I should have probably, but then again, can you ever have enough pictures?

Summer was a happy time and any bend or turn welcomed me with flowers. This white flower, the name of which I know not, had the smell of the ‘gondhoraj lebu‘ (the king of lemons, lebu being the Bengali word for lime/lemon)- more here) and as is the case with me, for a brief moment transported me to my grandparents’ garden that had two trees of this plant and another of the equally aromatic and juicy kagji lebu (another kind of lime, that is close to the regular lime found here in North America). There was a beautiful jasmine tree and a big guava tree, and once we were there, the busy road right outside the big walls and that big iron gate, somehow ceased to bother us with its cacophony.

We have been visiting the grounds of Princeton University for nine years now and they still mesmerize me just as much as they did the first time I looked up at the grand buildings and the ivy back in 2011. It goes without saying that this was our solace during these past few months, the only place we visited and sought some form of normalcy. It was a different summer but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Sometimes, if we look around we can see how perfect nature is. We just have to be willing to see.

And just like that we slipped into the bright and colder days of autumn. The rebellious and riotous red and the golden yellow and vibrant orange leaves dazzled against a blue sky that can be found only during these months of pumpkin spiced lattes. They have now transformed into the trees of Christmas cards and story books, of frosty mornings and snowy nights.

“All walking is discovery. On foot we take the time to see things whole”Hal Borland

Seasons have come and gone and soon we shall be stepping into another year that will usher in spring once again. What has been lost this year cannot be put into words. The heart feels heavy and it also fills with gratitude. Gratitude for family and friends, for scientists, doctors, nurses and all those in the medical world, for the front line workers, emergency responders, journalists, for the power of democracy and advocacy, for those who stand tall and stand brave in the face of all opposition. For those who inspire and for those who our kids look up to. For people who don’t give up on those and what they love.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.

4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Whilst Walking

  1. Forestwood says:

    Beautiful words, Moon. So descriptive and evocative of the natural scenic vistas and a touch of history and culture in your post, which I always appreciate. I do like all the photos and especially nice is a real Autumn. I love the term riotous red! Princeton Uni looks like a grand old castle with those high stone walls. The final photo you posted is so special. It would look magnificent as a large canvas on a wall. I recently did this with some of my Japanese photos – unsurprisingly taken in Autumn!
    Stay kind- a great mantra for troubled times. Roll on 2021. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be with two small children to be locked down since March. We only had a month or two before things could open up. So far so good being at the bottom end of the world with our borders closed.

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thank you as always Amanda for your kind and encouraging words! I too want to see how that photo would look as a large print. Since it was taken with a phone camera, sometimes the quality gets compromised when trying to make a larger print. But that is in my to-do list over the winter break! The world was probably always this divided and will always be but I think this was a sort of first time for me to witness that from very close quarters and its troubling for sure. And so I am more convinced now than ever before that kindness and empathy are the two very powerful tools that we all can put to use to keep moving forward. I have been reading your posts but i have not had the time to comment. I surely will soon. They are always, and I cannot stress it enough, inspiring. Warm wishes:)

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      • Forestwood says:

        Oh thank you Moon. You are ever so kind. I hope that my blog is inspirational, but also educational and funny in some way – I try anyways. I do not feel my writing is in any way exceptional, more kind of an amateur trying to make a point that might be relevant to the average person.
        I have recently enlarged some of my Japanese photos to poster prints and they turned out well. What megapixels does your phone camera have?

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