When the wonderful Amanda invites you for a bake off challenge, you jump up and down! May be not you, but I certainly did. Also may be not literally;) Not just because she is lovely, but also because I LOVE desserts and the opportunity to try something entirely new is always way too exciting to pass on. And though my pavlova did not turn out as pretty as hers but it really tasted good…thank you Amanda!

(I will explain where my pavlova went wrong in a bit).

Cakes and brownies are usually the go to desserts in our family but even for someone who has a sweet tooth, that is way too sweet probably, these desserts can feel heavy. Occasionally we add flan too. And so when Amanda wrote about this, it gave me an excuse to make a special dessert when there was really nothing special to celebrate! But then I remembered…for the first time ever, we have a female Vice President- a reason BIG enough to rejoice, won’t you agree? ! The recipe was pretty simple and it did not take a lot of time too. You can find it here.

I had never heard of Pavlova before and when I did, I thought it must be Russian... the dangers of assumption, you see. But Amanda’s post and Wikipedia soon corrected me. I finally managed to bake it yesterday evening, as opposed to the weekend when hopes of baking the pavlova were dashed by the piles of laundry that seemed to have overtaken our bedroom and the entire apartment had started looking like a mine field of Lego pieces and other tiny toys, that while remaining invisible, are capable of causing significant damage to one’s cracked winter heels. You see, the blessings and bane of having mischievous little ones! Now, moving on from an extra long sentence.

As I mentioned earlier, it is an easy and delicious dessert and if you have not tried, you must do so. The mistake I made and the reason it looks different is because it is more flat that it should be. When the recipe asked me to just put heavy scoops of the meringue on the sheet, out of habit I think, I sort of leveled it a bit and realized this misstep only after I had put the sheet in the oven. So the pavlova turned to be flatter than what it should be. And that is also the reason I decided not to do the chocolate dome, and I had really wanted to. But I will be making this soon again and it will most certainly have that delicious looking chocolate dome! For this, I put some shaved bittersweet chocolate on top and along with peaches and oranges and strawberry, the whole thing was so mouthwatering.

Here’s wishing you sweetness and thank you dear Amanda for introducing me to the Pavlova!

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.

6 thoughts on “Pavlova!

  1. Forestwood says:

    It may not be airy and fluffy, Moon but it still looks so delicious. You are right in saying that you shouldn’t level it too much as that squashes out all the air in the fluffed up egg whites. I think the original recipe misled you there as it had a flattened base and piping tube edging. Your piped edging looks fantastic! I am too lazy to put all the meringue in a piping tube and just pile in on top of the baking sheet with no flattened base at all. Then I smooth the edges of the pile in a upwards direction with a broad spatula. Mine sits a lot higher on the baking sheet this way. The result is still the crunchy crust and slightly gooey marshmallow centre. If you imagine a volcano with the top blown off, that is how mine looks before decorating with fruit and cream.
    It is an easy dessert and I am so glad you made it! You will definitely have to try it again.
    Well done, Moon for taking on the challenge and posting about it. Excellent work. Did the kids like it?

    (I so remember standing on lego pieces under the instep).

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thank you so much Amanda! I will follow these tips the next time I make this, which I see to be soon! I loved it and so did my husband and my younger one.My son tried it but he has a very specific sweet tooth…as in he likes dark chocolate and related stuff only. And he does not like peaches at all. But he was kind enough to try!!So the next time I am hoping to entice him with that chocolate dome and fruit of his choice!

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thanks Sandy! My younger one did but my son, not so much. He has an issue with anything other than dark chocolate and he dislikes peach:( So the next time I am hoping to entice him with that big chocolate dome and fruits of his choice! I LOVED it though…hard to find a dessert that I don’t like…not sure what that says about me, though 😉 Looking forward to participating in the Friday challenge!

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