Spring… almost

Spring is around the corner, here in North America. Though we had some ice rain a couple of nights back, yet I choose to believe that spring is almost here. A tree here and a tree there will tell one that. Set against the bright blue sky, it is difficult to miss the tiny pink buds trying to peek out a bit. The occasional chirping of birds and kids running around in the neighborhood are all indications of that time of the year that is probably the most awaited one. At least weather wise. This is the time when something wondrous begins to happen and one cannot help but feel what can closely be defined as, perhaps, happiness. Far from the bustle of the human world, it would appear, the buds get ready to captivate us, the way they do every single year. And we await that beauty,with as much excitement as if we were about to witness all the glory unfold for the first time.

I skip a bit as I try to keep up with my kid’s newfound freedom. Freedom from being indoors, freedom from the weight of heavy jackets and mittens and the occasional snow boot, freedom from hearing all the many no-s and maybe-s that have sadly become more common in our daily conversations. The joy is undeniable. Mother and son both hum a tune, and make plans for summer that promises, almost, to bring more sunshine. Masked people and the unmasked sun…we will take that for now.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.

6 thoughts on “Spring… almost

  1. Forestwood says:

    Ice rain? That is a thing, hey? I cannot imagine that. Rain here is usually warm, as we get rain in the summers. I guess Indian rain might be similar in Kolkata?
    I hope Spring is here for your sake, Moon. I know how the Northerners look so much forward to it.

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Hello Amanda! I have been almost off of this space for a while now, as you may have guessed. A few things going on that is not letting me spend a good mount of time that will allow me to write a post:( Hope to be back sooner than later. Ice rain is indeed a thing here…typically during winter but we get a lot of rain in Spring here which takes away a bit of the joy of the season, for me at least. And sometimes it is freezing rain or ice rain, making road conditions pretty dangerous. Rain in India is warm and welcoming , especially since it comes after the scorching summer months. Spring is now here and cherry blossoms were a delight to feast our eyes on, as always. But I noticed something this year…the blossoms were different than other years…as in smaller and did not stay for long. Also, many trees did not bloom at all. That was very strange. This is only in our neighborhood though but I found this to be disheartening and worrisome. This is how probably the effects of climate change start showing up and I only hope that we are able to realize that this is a very REAL thing. Hope all is well at your end, Amanda. How is the Friendly Friday Challenge going? I have been absent since it changed its format and miss it dearly. Will be back once I have a better grip on the things at this end. Hugs to you <3<3


      • Forestwood says:

        The friendly Friday challenge is still going well, Moon. We extended it to two weeks instead of just one to allow for longer stories, as well as photos, to be posted.
        Fascinating but sad to hear the cherry blossoms were disappointing and fell prematurely. It is if they are reflecting the mood of the public in the pandemic, perhaps?
        I am glad you are safe and that you part of the world is heading into summer, so no more ice rain for the minute. I know the rain in India that you speak of, as it is similar rain here too, in summer. It is rain you can easily play in or walk in. As children it was such fun playing in the tropical rain and flooded footpaths!
        Thanks for bringing those memories alive again.
        I miss you in the blogging space. I hope things are settling down for you soon and you can get back to writing.


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