Friendly Friday Challenge: PURPLE

I tried searching when was the last time I participated in my favorite challenge and I stopped because I had to scroll down a lot 😦 Sandy, thank you for this unique color challenge, a color that I really love. Though I am not a proponent of ‘blues for boys and pinks for girls’, but my little girl somehow likes pinks and purples a lot more than other colors. It has made me wonder if these likes and dislikes or gravitating towards particular colors has any biological basis. I remember reading an article or two, a while back, that had mentioned that it may be so that girls are ‘hard wired’ to like pinks and purples but later research has disproved that (Phew!!!). Though we are not yet drowning in the shades of bubble gum, I wonder if that may be the case soon!! My boy likes all colors and that includes purple and so when he wanted to dress up as a wizard for Halloween a couple of years ago, I was only too happy to get this for him.

We have recently moved to a new place and I am yet to explore the neighborhood. But while it has lots of trees and trails and park like areas, I am yet to come across flowers. Let me explain a bit. Our previous place, where we lived for 8 years, was part of a sort of a development that was thoughtfully planned and had flowers everywhere. All kinds of flowers…on trees and in beds along the sidewalks, in big pots and carved vases, on people’s balconies and porches. It was a happy and beautiful sight. And this one was right at the end of the sidewalk that my kids learned to bike on.

We are trying to settle in here at this new place to the best of our abilities and while it sometimes seems that we may have to live out of boxes forever (there are way too many to unpack), I know we will unpack the last box one day soon and have more free time to explore our new neighborhood and meet more neighbors!

I wish I had more purple photos to post but I don’t. What I do have is this song on my mind that takes me back to people and places I have met and loved and who will, forever, be my guiding angels, threading the past to present and beyond.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.

6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge: PURPLE

  1. SandyL says:

    Welcome back Moon! You little wizard is so adorable. That picture alone give you a FFC Gold Star but you get another one for Prince’s Purple Rain. It’s the song that I thought of right away & I wondered how quickly someone else would pick it up. Two Gold Stars for you!

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  2. Forestwood says:

    The wizard is so cute and purple is the perfect colour for that occupation!
    Glad to hear the move is over but there always is another box! Just when you think you are done!
    Happy exploring in your new neighbourhood. I do hope you will find some flowers.

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thank you Amanda…he had a ball especially getting to have that long beard 😀 I am looking forward as well to exploring my new neighborhood:) It is always so good to read your messages…they are comforting and encouraging and always filled with so much positivity !


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