A celebration of colors

I no longer write here or anywhere. There seems to be a lack of purpose or even interest. I do go through words and pictures some of my favorite people here share. And that is enough for now. Autumn has been in full swing in the United States and I have clicked away to my heart’s content. The mind and the heart seem to be in sync during autumn.

Ever so quietly now, the days are becoming shorter. No longer a minute erased here and there. Before long, it will be Joyce’s gloomy evenings- bitter, cold and dark. But till that time comes, we are celebrating autumn. We are filling up our senses and paying attention to the easily missable details that make life just that much more fulfilling. We are continuing to find ‘magnificence in the mundane’.

We hold on to the little things, that which are known and comforting. We also rush to check things off of our daily to-do list. But, once in a while we are allowed a moment here and a moment there, a bit of a stillness to take in what the heart already knows. The colors have popped and are here, however, only for a short while. The amber, and scarlet and the golden yellow are competing with each other, like every year. I wonder if they know that there’s no need for that, for the competition.

The heavier jackets are out and hats are a must. Mornings are busier as the school bus does not wait and routines have changed a lot. Yet, we pause when we can and breathe. Breathe the air that promises to be fresh and teases to be free of this virus that seems relentless. I sometimes wonder if we admire more the stillness of our lives or its mad chorus. Sometimes, we are at peace with our inner selves, and that perhaps, happens oh so rarely that we don’t even realize that we did hold such a moment inside of us, however briefly. But when it does, we do not feel the need to rush and this overwhelming need to be perfect or get everything done gets watered down. Even if for a minute, we do forget, the spinning world around us and revel in the calm within.

Do you wonder that you need to be constantly visible for others to think about you or remember you? Does it in some weird twisted way add more value to your worth? Is it even possible- to measure someone’s worth? Can we not just quietly escape and see who comes along with a hello. I always find those hellos so much more gratifying than the ones splashed across the social media. They are quiet and seek no impetus. I don’t know. Days come and go in mostly unspectacular manners, some perhaps more kind than others. Such rare days know how to unfold while others are just in a race with themselves. And yet in the middle of this madness and stillness lie our entirety. That’s the elegance of our lives.

During languorous autumn evenings, I often find myself seeking out the strength of what I perceive as the mundane, as the usual. And that brings me peace. I hope the mundane brings you peace too. Because in everything we do, places we go to, the present moments lead us gently back to moments in time, the details and the nuances of those revealing themselves slowly and telling us that that what is now, is good. It can be better, it will be better, but it may also be the other way. So, seek the now and celebrate that which is.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.

10 thoughts on “A celebration of colors

  1. Manja Maksimovič says:

    Hello, hello, hello! 🙂 Thank you for the gift of your autumn in gorgeous attire and your calming thoughts. You are right – who comes along, comes along. To ascribe worth is just like competing with red in you are yellow. Why? All well to you from across the ocean.

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  2. Forestwood says:

    Hello Moon! I was sad to read your first few words, that you do not write here or anywhere. But woah, what a wonderful piece of writing you followed up with! Beautiful words that conjured up images of tranquility and thoughts twirling around in your head amidst the busy-ness of daily rituals and life with a family.
    “I sometimes wonder if we admire more the stillness of our lives or its mad chorus. Sometimes, we are at peace with our inner selves, and that perhaps, happens oh so rarely that we don’t even realize that we did hold such a moment inside of us, however briefly.”
    Those moments are transient and I appreciate that stillness more and more knowing that it changes and disappears so fast. Routine can provide us with the grounding that allows us the privilege to enjoy the still moments.
    Also loved these words: “seek the now and celebrate that which is.”
    Keep writing Moon. Here, there or anywhere. You have a gift!

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    • acacophonouslife says:

      Thanks Amanda. You are one of the reasons I keep coming back to this space…I mean it. And yes, “routine can provide us with the grounding”…so so so true! Hope all is well with you. I am trying to get back to this space and I am hoping that it becomes a more regular thing soon. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of doing things ‘just for myself’…I am sure you can relate to this. More so when kids are small. I feel that I have been pushing aside things that are just for me. But I am trying to make a change! This space surely helps me be myself. Love to you, dear friend.


      • Forestwood says:

        Thank you, Moon. You are such a sweet person.
        It is very hard with a young family. There is always the endless struggle to do everything and keep ourselves sane. Routine was my saviour. A regular time for ‘me,’ set aside each day/week, even if it was 10 mins. Even that can was hard, because at the end of the day, I was too tired for me- time. So I set it up in the morning before everyone got up. That worked a bit better! 10 mins meditation, drawing, writing, even gardening or just drinking a cup of tea without interruption was so therapeutic. I hope you find that time, Moon. It is a good antidote to burnout.


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