A New Year and A Renewed Attempt

Our lives are part of a greater whole and that story perhaps is best told in moments, small and grand. Those are felt through the force field of love that surrounds us, a love that shows up at the doorstep as soul food on a cold winter’s day, as fruitcake that appears almost magically because you could not bake it this year yet your heart had been craving for it. They are best lived in moments that almost make it impossible to breathe sometimes but also in moments that give us strength and courage. When fervent prayers pass through quivering lips and tears flow unchecked, quiet prayers from all around reach us and cradle our hurting hearts.

Between the earth and the sky, we live our lives adding such moments that celebrate the joy and pain, love and friendship, moments that let us feel we are perhaps enough the way we are. The hope is that as life rushes by, too quickly perhaps, we are all able to gather as many moments as possible that speak of love, because at the end of the day, it is just love that prevails. And that love is all encompassing and defies definition.

From our hearts to yours, with hope, prayers and dreams, we wish you and your loved ones a year that brings you more laughter than sighs, more togetherness and new aspirations.

Stay safe, stay kind.

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