Sunday Sky



I am quite a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel and this afternoon the lines stuck in my head are:

“Seasons change with the scenery

Weaving time in a tapestry

Won’t you stop and remember me

At any convenient time?

Funny how my memory skips while looking over manuscripts

Of unpublished rhyme

Drinking my vodka and lime

I look around

Leaves are brown now

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”



Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are humming a favorite tune!


November photo a day challenge: Mysterious

   It was pouring heavily as I managed to get into the car, hauling a couple of grocery bags. Once inside, this tree caught my eye. It reminded me of BBC’s production of Sherlock Holmes (one of the earlier versions), where desolate moors, pitter-patter of footsteps, swishing of leaves, eerie looking trees have provided for fitting backgrounds to many mysteries that the sleuth always skillfully solved!



Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend:)

A Photo A Day…15 days or so

As I recently mentioned,  I have started a ‘a day, a photo’ project of sorts in an attempt to semi chronicle events and moments of our daily life. This is my second share, from the last 15 days!




It has been rather fun documenting moments,  though many of us probably do it anyways, knowingly or unknowingly. I have been doing it since our son was born and I had a good-ish cell phone. Like many and unlike some, I was doing it without the intention of publishing it on Facebook ( I had an account once!) or Instagram ( though I must admit, a few have found their way here, and I still use it) and so was and/am under no pressure to add filters. I was getting a bit tired of the ‘candid’ photos posted that clearly were not candid, ones that were heavily posed for and photos which showed only the best of the best!  I did not have such picture perfect moments to share and I had started to feel a bit low, in spite of knowing that everything and everyone was/ is not that impeccable… life is not meant to be so🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we capture more ‘imperfect moments’ that make our lives perfect!


A Photo A Day: 30 days or so

August 19th was World Photography Day and while browisng through posts here and articles on Google, I found various suggestions for celebrating, honoring, remembering the day through pictures, obviously! While ideas were galore and temptations many too, I ultimately chose an easy one, a quite common one as well. And something that I have attempted in the past! Taking a photo every single day- not just a ‘pretty’ one but of a random moment at home or during a stroll outside or in the grocery store parking lot… a moment from everyday life. Many of us do that in-fact, probably without any set goal in mind but it doesn’t hurt to have one either! So, here I am sharing photos that I have taken, starting August 25th till a few days back. It has not been one photo every day, and there have been some gap days but for the most part, I was able to click one every day! Some I have shared in other posts while many are of a personal nature… telling a story in a moment that I would want to look back on😊My project is on going and I hope to share as I progress in a month or two!






Have you ever done something like this, a semi chronicle -of -sorts of life in its every day glorified chaos, with moments sweet and salty?


Thanks for stopping by and Friday is almost here!

A photo a day: Post No 6

   I have fallen off the wagon a long time back! I have not taken a photo a day for some time now and I am not particularly happy about that. With quite a few changes around the corner, I think I have not focused on doing that and just let it slide. But over the weekend, I did take some pictures and it felt good to be out in the crisp autumn air. The sights, sounds and smells of autumn have slowly started appearing all around and I, for one, feel invigorated for sure.

IMG-8132 (1)