A Photo a Week Challenge: Open Topic

   It is Fall, here on the East Coast, in full glory but the intermittent rain keeps dampening that cheery feeling of crisp autumn air, brilliant blue sky and the blazing glory of the leaves. The gloom and the rain has been making me wish for the warm summer days (like the ones we spent on vacation in Florida a few years back) and I thought of this bright yellow, that certainly lifted my spirits.


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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Moving

   As I read Amanda’s prompt last Friday, I kept wondering if I had any to match the theme. Weekend was super busy with us participating in our first ‘trunk or treat’ at our son’s school as part of family Halloween event and while it was a lot of fun, it was a good amount of work as well! We also had Diwali and while it rained all day, we still managed to get the twinkling lights on the balcony and light some ‘diyas’  (traditional clay lamps used in the Indian subcontinent). This afternoon, a tiny window of what could be called “me time” took me by surprise and I started looking through old photos for this week’s  Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. I was surprised to not only find pictures that would definitely fit, but also photos I had totally forgotten about. It brought a big smile to my face and in my mind, I thanked Amanda for the topic! She is moving into her new home soon and I am so happy for her to begin this new phase.

   Moving can be interpreted in so many ways, as Amanda has rightly  suggested…from literal to metaphorical- from moving objects to capturing something from a moving vehicle,  moving (special) moments, photos that capture moments from perhaps a day of moving like the first dinner on that day  in your new place, the stack of moving boxes that are unsightly but nonetheless so crucial- the list can be an exhaustive one! I found a great amount of photos that could be part of this theme and for a moment I was tempted to post all, but on second thoughts, I decided it might be a bit too much:) Still, there are quite a few!








Seasons in the sun- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter







You may Stop but Move you must






For the tourists and locals, in and around New York (for visiting the Statue of Liberty)




Can be seen around Central Park, NY




Doors of the three apartments we have lived in






From a moving car






Inside the airport (a place of constant movement) at Minneapolis



An evening walk



Two people who would move Heaven and Earth for me-my parents. And I, for them.



The Statue of Liberty that symbolizes not only freedom and liberty but so much more. A beacon of hope for people on the move, looking for hope and a better tomorrow.




We need one for sure!




The one thing that constantly keeps moving- Time



I realized just now that this post probably  has the most photos! Wow…I certainly didn’t think so on Friday:)

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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Secrets


Who doesn’t love a secret, especially the getting to know it;) We all grew up guarding secrets revolving around our ‘crushes’. Don’t tell me that it was otherwise for you! They are innocent and fun, for the most part. And then as we keep on moving ahead in our lives, secrets probably take on a different form and while being harmless, they maybe lose the component of innocence. Have you ever wondered what makes us keep secrets in our daily lives? This post made me curious and I looked up a few articles online, (this one was quite comprehensive https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/05/shhhhh/526581/) and now I am even more intrigued! Anyways…this post is not about serious secret keeping and so I am moving on to the fun part!

I was thinking  a bit about what to post when I  checked my phone in the morning for this week’s prompt but that got cut by the clock telling me to get school lunch ready. And then, something  strange happened. Something that can be called a stroke of serendipity. Do you believe in it?

The good man has taken up a few cleaning projects around the house recently since we seem to be running out of space, almost everywhere. This morning was the same and he found  a bag full of stuff, some of which were head scratching (for instance a tiny key on a shoe shaped key chain I have no memory of buying ever!) while some put a big smile on my face. And gave me the idea of what I could share with you.


duluth 254-Original


This is the same photo that is the icon on this site and was taken 10 years ago in a place that is very close to my heart. It is one of my favorite photos and makes me glad to be able to post it today. Can you tell what secret this photo holds? I would really love to hear.

Thank you Snow for this very intriguing, and at the same time a thoughtful prompt:) The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge has surely become a thing very close to my heart!


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Sun & Water

A beautiful topic for this week’s challenge at Nancy Merrill Photography There is something surely surreal about these two forces together and it seems we can never have enough:)



A sunrise, the first I had seen after quite a few years, at Ocean City, MD



This is one of my favorite photos from our trip to Florida (this one was during camping at the Everglades) about six years ago. While the sun is not on the water in this it still, for me, creates that magic.


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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Photo Edits

   Another interesting topic this week at the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. While editing photos definitely add a wow factor, I personally try not to engage in major editing because I feel that has the power to sometimes take away  from the moment and the memory. Please note that I am speaking only for myself and I understand the  need for photos to be edited in order to highlight the story the photographer tries to tell through the pictures. I am not a photographer and hence am in no place to comment on the need! I take pictures to mostly capture moments that speak to me and while I do not have any photo editing tools at my disposal (an intentional act), I occasionally use good old  Microsoft Office and the basic editing features on my rather old iPhone for adjusting the brightness and color contrast! Maybe one day when I am able to take good pictures, I shall  give serious editing a try. For me, a novice, my fear is an incorrect edit might ruin the photo and the moment…do you feel that way ever? But I am slowly learning the tricks of editing by looking at the beautiful photos that are posted on a daily basis on the blogs that I follow and I hope I learn quickly to be able to get over my fear and give serious editing a try! For now, I am sticking with the most basic editing possible:)

For now, these are some of the before and after shots-










Before ( I was trying to take a photo that could be fit into the ‘still life’ category but there was too much light, I thought, as it was at the grocery store)



After editing (I reduced the brightness to give it a little depth but was not sure if the edit made it better or not and so have not used this anywhere yet!)






After ( Can you tell the difference though?)












IMG-2894 (1)




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