Dreaming of Summer

There are days that seem to drag on and on and then there are more such days. And the cold weather along  with the gloom and the rain does not do much to uplift the spirits! What do you do on such days? Fall back on memories of the warm weather and the beauty of all that is possible on gorgeous days that make you happy deep down in your elements! I checked for some of my favorite summer memories from the past few years and it kicked up that yearning for summer a notch! Here are some of those for you.



The bright sun and the scorching heat that makes one squint and reach out for those dark shades, shorts and sandals.





Giggling children filling up the neighborhood and parks, the twinkling of little bicycle bells, kids waiting, almost patiently, for their turn on the swing are sounds and sights that breathe life into this void of glee that the dreaded winter creates.









The gurgling brook or the endless ocean, the squishy sand between the toes, lazy evenings in the park or hikes along forgotten trails all are part of that tapestry that is etched in memories galore.











How about sipping on that drink that you look forward to at the end of a tiring day or enjoying a good book under the shade of a tree in the park in the evening as the sun plans to rest for the day. The sweet smell of summer flowers add colors of the rainbow all around and that occasional rain tantalizes the senses as you breathe in that heady earthen smell.





Revisiting one of your most cherished places through the pathways created in your mind and heart, feeling that sparkle of joy and bliss, reminiscing that magical trip can bring solace to an aching heart. For me, it was the trip we took visiting a dear friend in Florida back in 2013. The sun kissed beaches, the magical sunsets, the palm trees swaying and heart to heart chats with old friends can be hard to compete with.



Till that day comes when it no longer gets dark at 4.45pm and the chirping of birds break the eerie silence that surrounds us at all times, I will be thinking about these and look through some more! I may be all wrapped up in a blanket and sip on coffee while I do that, but I still will:)

Thanks for stopping by and my last post for the month on ‘Cook, Eat, Repeat’ will be up in two days!


Monday Motivation

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”: Swami Vivekananda


Put your heart into whatever it is that you are doing, trying to achieve- even if you don’t succeed, chances are you will come out stronger and a tad bit wiser. The workings of life can be baffling at times but giving up cannot be an option.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a meaningful week.

Monday Motivation

It has been a little busier than usual and I am missing out on posts- writing as well as reading! But I hope to be more regular soon and catch up on the photos and stories that you all have been sharing😊

We are well into Fall and it seems that trees have been set aflame in riotous colors… and set against the bright blue sky, they sure add a cheery color to the soul🧡🧡


Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are making the day count❤️