Monday Motivation

“In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous”- Aristotle






Let’s take better care of the only place we can call home and enable our future generations to marvel at our incredible planet.

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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Leaves

   ‘Aahaaa’ is, what I believe I said to myself when I saw this week’s prompt! I can’t remember when was the last time I had participated in this dear -to- my- heart photo challenge. A couple of times, like last week Snow’s Tourism and a few weeks before that when Manja’s (hosting for Snow )’Day Trip’ , I had come very close to posting and then before I realized an entire week  zipped past! But this week I was determined to post at the earliest opportunity and here I am! Thanks Amanda for this lovely prompt….it is a subject that I am particularly fond of.

   With Fall around the corner here in North America, and this time it seems it’s going to come a little bit early, leaves are already starting to change colors gradually (up north) and I am looking forward this year to taking pictures I previously have not. I have been gathering ideas from Instagram (accounts of some photographers that I follow) and am hoping I will have some feasible ideas by the time leaves here dazzle in the shades of red, orange and yellow.

   For this challenge hosted weekly by Amanda and Snow, I am re sharing photos that I have posted in other posts of mine before, along with a new one that I took last week. While encouraging to take new photos, I find this challenge (like few others) lets one gather and organize scattered images under one cohesive post!


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hanging leaves














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The enchanting, the evanescent-Sakura

   What more can we say about the beauty that is ‘Sakura’– cherry blossoms! Much has been said and so much has been written, trying to capture this fleeting beauty. This post is not going to see me make a futile attempt at capturing their elegance. Instead, I am simply going to share some pictures I took this morning when I went for a walk. They made me happy and I am sharing my happiness with you:)










Fleeting moments of happiness

   The pursuit of happiness is something that we all do, consciously or unconsciously in our daily lives. We all have our own methods that bring us moments of peace, calm and joy in the humdrum of our daily lives, which let us pause and capture bits and pieces of bliss. For me it is spending time being silly with my little boy, watching him absorbed in his world of make believe, my ten minutes of solitude at the end of the day, sharing a laugh with the good man, getting lost in the incredible Nat Geo posts on Instagram and my feeble attempts at capturing moments that speak to me. This post is not about the wonderful world of my little guy or the good man but more about photos and photography , that I think is gradually becoming a passion of mine. The Nat Geo posts are the ones I venerate and the ones I try to capture- photos of everyday life- are the ones that bring me a strange satisfaction and excite me to seek happiness in the moments that surround me.


   Known for his street photography, Leon Levinstein, who I only came to know about very recently has this quote – “ I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph”. It made me think and I realized that this captures the essence of my endeavors to hold on to the fleeting instances in my everyday life. It obviously goes without saying that I am not comparing my photos to his …I have not lost it totally yet and still have some semblance of sanity! What I am trying to say, I guess, is that’s how I take my photos…I do not necessarily go out looking for moments but rather let everyday life make moments that ring a merry bell in my soul. They genuinely make me happy and when I look back at them, I am inspired to do better when I click next. They bring me contentment and peace and while I am a gazillion clicks away from anything remotely worth mentioning, these are personal steps that help me be grateful for all that I can see and all I have and all I can do. It teaches me to be humble and instills in me the desire to be a better person when I wake up the following morning.

What makes you happy?







   Going through old pictures, I found some that I remember having taken without much thought and which, surprisingly, turned out to be some of my very favorite ones. Those were the early days when I had just started taking pictures (not that I have made much progress in terms of ‘photography skills’ since!) and hold a special place in my heart. It has been a tiring day today and I do not have anything to write about. So, I thought of just sharing these pictures today.