“…a hazy shade of winter”

Simon and Garfunkel are one of my all time favorites and I love this song. In New Jersey, it is cold now. It is not below zero yet nor has it snowed, but it is still cold. And it will get only colder. Just the other day, while driving to the grocery store, I notice that the trees which had these dazzling colors till last week, are bare and lonely. I feel almost sad. They must be feeling lost too. The drive around the neighborhood suddenly is not one that warms up the heart, but one that sets a more somber mood.

But, a closer look warms up my heart again. The trees are beautiful and they stand proud. I remember that I love these winter trees. They tell the world to admire them just the way they are. They may be a shadow of their former self, but they sure own their story at the moment. There is a stillness, perhaps even a sense of grace. If we listen closely, we may hear them say : Whatever I am…I am enough.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.