The power of love

   Last year, when we found out we were expecting our second child, it made us ecstatic. But that ecstasy was somewhat short lived as we realized the pressures of bringing up two little ones (our older one was just about 3 years old at that point) in a land where we had little help and no grown ups (read- our parents) to guide us and hold our hands when we would falter! And then there was the fear of our little boy’s reaction, though I knew that he would be the best big brother one could hope for. And I was not wrong. Ever since he found out that his Ma’s tummy had a little special someone for him, his curiosity knew no bounds and neither did his love. Kids ask the strangest questions and at times their thoughtfulness takes you by surprise too! Our boy had the usual inquisitiveness about the new member and his actions often melted my heart. If we were out buying him clothes, he would without fail mention that we should also get something for his sister. If we were eating out, he would ask me to make sure that what I ate was not too ‘jhaal’ (hot/spicy) for the one in my tummy. And every night before going to bed  he would kiss his sister goodnight and wish her a good morning just the same way. Every single day.  Emotions at times ran high as the good man and I tried to make space for our baby girl and our voices would rise. Not a scream or any kind of verbal altercation …just raised voices of two freaked out people trying to get a lot done in a short span of time! But, if the little boy happened to be around, he would come rushing by and gently remind us to not raise our voices as there was a baby in Ma’s tummy and loud voices could hurt the tiny baby’s ears. And the day I slipped and fell down in the bathroom at 11.30 pm, four days before my due date, our little boy showed us love and gave us strength that I could not have imagined. A million things were rushing through our minds as we called the doctor and got ready to leave for the hospital while a visibly disoriented little guy was trying to take everything in his stride. My parents were with us and he put up the bravest face he could manage in the middle of so much chaos and trepidation, and waved us goodbye as we left for the hospital at around midnight. I did not have a lot of time to explain everything to him and he too did not ask for any. I watched him as we got into the car and while my heart was racing for our baby girl, it was also beaming with pride for our little guy. Baby girl was fine in the tummy and when we came back home in the morning after being kept at the hospital overnight for observation, I could see his face just light up and the first thing he asked was if his baby sister was alright.

   Our baby girl turned one a few days ago and the little guy was very ill with a viral fever. He still blew up a balloon and drew a little something for her special day. Every day has been a treat watching them together and while I know that this is so because they are both still little, it warms my heart. Our little guy has grown so much and we couldn’t be prouder. It is a matter of time before the “i don’t like you-s”, “he is mean”, “she is not letting me do that” set in and the expression of love might not be so simple then! But for the time being, I am soaking in this unadulterated love… a love so different, so unique…this love between a soon to be five year old big brother and his one year old sister. It has taught me to be kind and brave, no matter what. And it grounds me in humility and puts the faith back when hope seems to be drifting away in this crazy life.


Monday Motivation

   Life is not equal parts happiness and equal parts sorrow…more often than not, sorrow somehow seems to have an upper hand. It rattles our peace and toys with emotions, smiles at the misfortune and maybe even revels in pulling us down to the abyss of hopelessness, testing the levels of our endurance and pushing us to our limits. We are probably all too familiar with this, unfortunately. And may be we, sometimes, come dangerously close to giving up. Yet, as if by some miracle , we go on. We must. We learn from missteps and we try to put the right foot forward. We breathe through the pain, breathe through the tears but keep our chins up and keep looking for that path forward. We cling on to hope and make that our chalice when darkness looms large. There are, maybe, people we know who are going through similar unhappy patches at the moment. Often just being there for them helps. With or without giving ‘advice’. Just listening and letting them know that they are not alone. It helps. So, if you know someone who maybe is going through a hard time, I hope you reach out to that person to let them know that you are there. The world is a much better place when we look out for each other.  And, if anyone reading this is going through an uneven stretch, I hope it passes soon and you come out stronger.



This made me smile on a day that was not particularly a bright one.


Thanks for stopping by and keep believing.

Sunday Sky



I am quite a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel and this afternoon the lines stuck in my head are:

“Seasons change with the scenery

Weaving time in a tapestry

Won’t you stop and remember me

At any convenient time?

Funny how my memory skips while looking over manuscripts

Of unpublished rhyme

Drinking my vodka and lime

I look around

Leaves are brown now

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”



Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are humming a favorite tune!


Monday Motivation


“Allow yourself to be a beginner. Not everyone starts off being excellent”. (Wendy Flynn).


This is true for all of us isn’t it? And yet, fear of failing, among other insecurities,  stops us from taking that first step.

I have been making tiny changes, tiny beginnings of sorts.  It does take a combination of ‘ I should give this a try’, ‘So what if I look funny’, ‘ There’s no shame in trying’, ‘ If I don’t do well, I will try again’ and similar mini monologues to help get through  but hey, so what! For me, it has been strangely liberating.

From interviews to trying salsa or even something as simple as carving a pumpkin… there always has to be a starting point. As I mentioned, I have recently taken that first step for a couple of new things,  while am yet to shake off the nerves and go for others. But I will be pushing myself! Have you done something recently that took some ‘you can do it’ from yourself? Or  is there something that you have been thinking of trying for some time now but a ‘what if’ has been stopping you? Would love to hear from you!

While some acts require serious preparation ( for example running a marathon), others like singing at a karaoke bar in front of others, in spite of being a terrible singer, should not! Life is way too stressful to lose our nerves on fun stuff, for the simple reason- they are supposed to be ‘fun’. I hope we all try something similar, something special that we have been putting off because of a bunch of silly excuses, and even if we fail miserably, at least we get to have a laugh thinking about it few years down the line!

Thanks for stopping by!  The jack o’ lantern, our first, was carved by my husband while our son cheered! Simple acts can sometimes bring a great amount of happiness and it is probably up to us to celebrate such tiny moments!

Sunday Sky


This blazing sky, lit up by the setting sun was captured many years ago, by a rather poor camera, somewhere along our way  from Duluth to St.Paul, Minnesota. One of my favorite  photos, this reminds me of those crazy fun filled days when life was a lot simpler and more transparent. I feel sometimes that, perhaps, as we add years to our lives, it starts getting less and less transparent. I wonder why. Does it appear that way to you?

Thanks for stopping by and hope your Sunday is filled with giggles and snuggles, with being silly and laughing at your own silliness, with putting your feet up and taking it all in🙂



Monday Motivation

It has been a little busier than usual and I am missing out on posts- writing as well as reading! But I hope to be more regular soon and catch up on the photos and stories that you all have been sharing😊

We are well into Fall and it seems that trees have been set aflame in riotous colors… and set against the bright blue sky, they sure add a cheery color to the soul🧡🧡


Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are making the day count❤️