A photo a day: Post no 5

   It has been crazy the past few days. My little one is starting preschool soon and I am freaking out every other minute thinking about that! And while I know things are going to be okay and that he will enjoy this whole new experience, thinking that he will be away from me for a few hours every other day, is taking some time to sink in:(  How do I know that he will be okay and how do I make sure that he is not hurt or does not hurt anyone and is being the best that he can be? My fears are probably irrational but I guess this too is part of the mommy package, and there are first times for moms too!

   We are in the process of buying a car and that is a whole different level of madness! The options, it seems at times, are limitless and for people who get confused easily( at a buffet, for example!), it has been challenging;) Post dinner used to be a time (and the only time) for some television or just chit chat. Car reviews on YouTube and other websites is all that is on the list now!

   And since we are having a baby in a few months, we have slowly started preparing for that too:) Thinking about a name has been the toughest but we think we might have narrowed down our search to two! We have a list of things (I am big on making to-do lists!) that we need to do in order to get everything ready and I am hoping that we will be able to stick to that and get organized in time.

   My parents are planning to visit in a month and stay for a while to spend time with their grandchildren and we need to prepare for that too! So, as you can see there are quite a few things around the corner and thinking about all of those together has kept me on the edge a bit, I will admit. But I am trying to breathe and slow down a bit whenever I can!

   I am, however,  looking forward to all of these things and cannot wait for this new phase to begin. My heart fills with pride (like every mom’s) when I think about my little boy starting school and I cannot contain the excitement when I think about the little one we are expecting in a few months. I often wonder how my boy will react to the baby ( I know he will be a good big brother!) and I cannot wait to hold both of them in my arms and start soaking in every moment of happiness. I also cannot thank the Almighty enough for showering these blessings on us.

   Amidst all the hustle and bustle I was able to stick to the plan of ‘a photo a day’ and took the following over the past few days.


   The little guy is going through a phase where he cannot stop wearing his baby shoes and I have stopped trying to make him understand! But it is, I must admit, heartwarming to watch him move around with those tiny shoes…it reminds me of his baby days, I think about the times he wore those shoes and how unbelievably cute he looked and how much he has grown up since! Speaking of growing up, he had his first experience at a bouncy castle over the weekend and though he was a bit unsure of the big wobbly thing in the beginning, he overcame his nervousness in no time and had a ball! And he also got a dinosaur painted on his face- a first for him:) We made his favorite waffles after quite some time and enjoyed some new books. I bought the ‘Caps for Sale’ as it used to be one of my favorite books when I was a child and had been gifted to me by one of my dearest people…my Maa’s maternal uncle, my dear Rangadadu who sadly passed away a couple of years back. While searching for some books, I found this online and it instantly brought back some precious memories of growing up, of Rangadadu and I could not but help thinking again of  how fortunate I was to have known someone like him in my life.

   The pictures here are: 1. A new salad place, Sweetberry Bowls, that has opened up right next to my son’s play and learn place and I stopped by one day to get some lunch which was sadly not as awesome as I had expected it would be:( 2. TGIF- which apparently has changed all its signs to Fridays- where we went for dinner after a good 5 years!!! It felt a strange to walk into the place but we left with very satisfied tummies:) 3. While getting the little one ready for bed one night, when he was being a bit too mischievous and Neel was close to losing it, I stopped by the window and removed the blinds a  bit only to be greeted by the dazzling moonlight shrouded by the grey clouds. I did not have the camera handy and before the moon got enveloped, I took this photo with my phone. Though it did not capture the moment very well, I still have something to remember the serenity outside which was in stark contrast to the frenzy of the little guy jumping up and down on the bed and bursting out in peels of laughter at his own  silliness:)

How crazy or at peace have you been feeling?!

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